Thermochemical processing plant is intended for treatment of organic wastes with production of liquid organic products and fine-dispersed char.


Properties of initial feedstock

Different types of milled wastes of lignocellulosic biomass can be used as a feedstock for the plant: sawdust, wood chips, straw, grain wastes, peat, etc. Also the treatment of wastes polluted by petroleum products is possible.

Requirements for initial feedstock

Parameter, unit



Type of feedstock Lignocellulosic biomass’


Maximal particle size, mm 20
3. Initial moisture content, %, less than



Bulk density, kg/m3 80-400
5. Ash content, %, less than



Weight content of mineral particles larger than 10 mm, %, less than



Weight content of mineral particles larger than 20 mm

not allowed

8. Weight content of metallic particles, %

not allowed

Additional infrastructural parts of the processing complex

Additional equipment and infrastructural parts are necessary for exploitation of the plant. Requirements for this equipment are depending of feedstock properties and configuration of technological area.

1) Area of initial storage and preparation of feedstock;

2) Feedstock drying unit;

3) Pyrolysis liquid products storehouse;

4) Charcoal storehouse;

5) Utility and amenity premises.

Composition of the plant

The plant consists of units which can be transported by vehicles and assembled without capital construction.


The plant is including:

1) Feeding unit;

2) Reactor;

3) Energy unit;

4) Condensation unit;

5) Intermediate unit;

6) Discharging unit;

7) Unit of drying agent formation;

8) Operator room;

9) Additional constructions and railings

Technical characteristic of the plant

Parameter, unit Value
1. Capacity, kg/h:

– of initial dry feedstock (W=10%, wood)

– liquid products

– charcoal




2. Voltage of electric current, V 380
3. Installed electric capacity of the complex, kW, less than 100
4. Operating mode continuous
5. Performance modular, transportable by vehicles, construction without laying the heavy foundation
6. Operation parameters:

— maximal temperature in reactor, °С

— maximal temperature in furnace, °С

— maximal excess pressure of gas-vapor mixture in the system, mm of water column




7. Stuff, persons 6
8. Overall size of pyrolysis unit, LxWxH, m 11х11х6