An FPP02 plant developed by EnergoLesProm LLC will be launched in Germany

EnergoLesProm LLC has successfully fulfilled the obligations of the export contract and delivered the FPP02 fast pyrolysis plant to Germany.

The contract for the supply of a fast pyrolysis plant for processing low-quality wood into liquid fuel and char was concluded with a German company Bioenergy concept GmbH specializing in design and construction of anaerobic digestion plants for the processing of organic waste. The original patented modular design of the plant is suitable for the dimensions of a standard container ship which allowed delivering it to Lower Saxony by road. The design, manufacture and delivery of the pyrolysis plant were carried out in just one year.

FPP02 fast pyrolysis plant is an automated production complex of continuous operation, it does not require capital construction and can process any kind of biomass waste. The technology is scalable and allows you to recycle waste from both small enterprises in small volumes and easily grows to the required volumes by installing additional modules. The plant complies with the environmental requirements of legislation in the field of environmental protection and has a positive conclusion from the state environmental examination for the processing of more than 970 types of waste according to 67 codes of the Federal Classification Catalog of Waste.


EnergoLesProm company is actively conducting research work in many areas expanding the raw material base of products resulting from the thermochemical processing of wastes and developing technologies for their deeper processing.

In particular, the company is currently cooperating with various Russian and foreign enterprises on the processing of wood waste, sewage sludge, poultry manure, plastics, sorted municipal solid waste, waste from pulp and paper mills, etc. Also, active research work is underway to develop new technologies for the separation of chemicals from biooil and their application in various industries. The biochar obtained at the FPP02 Fast Pyrolysis Plant is already used for briquetting, as a sorbent and as an additive to the soil to improve yield.

EnergoLesProm LLC is a Russian engineering company, developer, and supplier of technologies and equipment for processing biomass waste into liquid biooil and chemical products. It is a resident of the Skolkovo Energy Efficiency Cluster, a Member of the Russian Biofuel Association, a Member of the Bioenergy technology platform, and is included in the Top 50 Russian Startup Rating. In 2017, it was included in the list of 25 most promising technology companies in Russia as part of the Tech Tour contest. EnergoLesProm is a subsidiary of ELP Group LLC, which was established to commercialize the technology in 2015. The project investors were the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and the RVC Seed Fund.

Non-profit partnership “Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan” is a private equity and venture investment fund that creates the conditions for the implementation of innovative projects and develops knowledge-intensive, technology companies in Tatarstan.

The RVC seed fund was established in 2009 and is managed by the RVC Infrafund. The investment focus of the fund is Russian innovative companies of the “seed” development stage.

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