Agro-industrial complex

FPP02 Fast pyrolysis plant is designed for thermochemical processing and utilization of biomass and other organic polymeric wastes to produce liquid organic products and fine char. It allows processing wastes of agro-industrial complexes into a liquid fuel and fine biochar.

You safely dispose the wastes and get the products that are in demand on the market!

Straw, grain elevator waste, chicken litter, sunflower husk and other waste from the agro-industrial complex can be used as raw materials.

Below is the yield of products in the processing of certain types of wastes of the agro-industrial complex by the method of fast pyrolysis.


Name Liquid products, % Solid products, % Gas, %
Straw 56 19 25
Elevator Waste 52 23 25
Chicken litter 57 20 23
Wood litter mass 47 32 21
Sunflower husk 42 30 28
Eurocup with liquid fuel (bio-oil)
Eurocup with liquid fuel (bio-oil)
Barrels of coal (biochar)
Barrels of coal (biochar)











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