Wood processing complex

FPP02 Fast pyrolysis plant is designed for thermochemical processing and utilization of biomass and other organic polymeric wastes to produce liquid organic products and fine char. It allows processing wood wastes into a liquid fuel and fine biochar.

You safely dispose the wood wastes and get the products that are in demand on the market!

One FPP02 plant can process 4000 tons of wood wastes per year.

Shredded logging wastes, woodworking and sawmill waste (sawdust, shavings, chips, slabs and other waste from the wood-processing complex) can be used as raw materials.

Wood processing complexes wastes


Main properties of biooil

Property, unit Value
1 Min. lower heating value, MJ/kg 15
2 Density at 20°C, kg/m3 1100-1300
3 Max. water content, w% 30
4 Max. content of solid particles, % 2,5
5 Max. kinematic viscosity at 20°C, mm2/s 125
6 Max. sulfur content, w% 0,05
7 Max. ash content, w% 0,25
8 Min. ignition point, °C 45
9 Max. pour point, °C -9
10 pH 2-3


Main properties of biochar

Property, unit Value
1 Lower heating value, MJ/kg 20-33
2 Density, kg/m3 260-380
3 Fixed carbon, w% 40-70
4 Ash content, w% Up to 15
5 Characteristic size, mm 0,1

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