Peat processing equipment

Peat and its application

Peat is a natural mineral raw material, which is formed in the ground with an insufficient amount of oxygen and high humidity. Such a fossil can lie at a depth of several meters, and at the surface. Peat is formed from organic remains of trees and plants, as well as from particles of various minerals.

Such material can be used:

  • in the energy industry;
  • in agriculture as a fertilizer or the creation of fertile soil;
  • for water purification as an adsorbent;
  • in the manufacture of certain drugs.

How peat will be used depends on the processing method to which it has been subjected. This can be a chemical method, after which sorbents and medicines are made from raw materials, and a mechanical method. In the second case, the composition of peat does not change, and it is only processed into briquettes, which are used only as solid fuel.

How to create a business of peat processing

Currently, peat is less commonly used in the energy industry, but it remains a popular raw material in a number of areas. This means that plants for the processing of such material are profitable business, which is quite simple to organize. This business has the following features:

  • Creation of a full-fledged production does not require large capacity and space: a mini-plant is a good option, in the workshop of which there can be only one production line, finished goods warehouse and administrative premises.
  • Maintenance of staff is inexpensive, since less than 10 people can work in such enterprises, including the administrative group.
  • All the equipment necessary for organizing production (conveyors, crushers, screens, presses, bunkers) are available for purchase at competitive prices.

Special requirements are put forward to the warehouse, but it is easy to organize the proper storage of peat, if you follow simple basic rules. The warehouse must be indoors and have a concrete or asphalt floor. Given that the height of the folded briquettes should not exceed five meters, such a room may not have high ceilings.

It is possible to find buyers for such products among individuals who use stove heating, or among organizations engaged in agricultural activities.

According to experts, the start-up capital for opening a peat processing plant is about 30 million rubles. With this money, you can create a production that provides customers with 10,000 tons of such raw materials. Such production pays off on average for two years, and in the future the company’s profitability can be up to 40% per year.

Peat processing using FPP 02

One of the main types of equipment at the peat processing plant is processing plants. Among them is the fast pyrolysis plant FPP 02, which is used for thermal and chemical processing.

When the raw material enters the pyrolysis reactor of the plant, it is decomposed into a mineral component and gas under the action of high temperatures. As a result, a material is obtained, which then goes through a conveyor to a press, where the blocks ready for packaging and sale are made.

With its low cost, such a device is characterized by high performance, and its installation does not require the participation of narrow specialists. FPP 02 is a modular technique that is assembled on site and put into operation without any additional preparation.

The advantages of the FPP 02 fast pyrolysis plant 

  • Does not require capital construction;
  • Supplied turnkey, provides 100% readiness for operation.
  • Designed for uninterrupted work in the field (energy self-sufficiency, duplicated automatic control and protection systems).
  • Provides high processing efficiency.
  • The scalable technology allows to recycle waste of both small enterprises in small volumes and easily increases to the required volumes by installing additional modules.
  • Remote control and monitoring via satellite.
  • It is the implementation of patented technical solutions and allows to provide many times lower capital costs, unlike the technology of competitors.

Peat processing using FPP 02

Fig.1. General view of the plant in assembly

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