Recycling Tetra Pak

Recycling Tetra Pak is complicated by the fact that, unlike conventional packs of cardboard or paper, such material consists of several components that must be separated from each other. Three-quarters of the packaging consists of paper, so the first stage, which is Tetra Pak passes, is processing to separate aluminum impurities from the paper and polyethylene base.

Next, the paper component of the raw material undergoes additional processing on the pulper and is sent to the factories, which make corrugated packaging or cardboard packaging and boxes from the obtained fiber.

For the processing of Tetra Pak, we recommend using the FPP 02 fast pyrolysis unit, which is intended for thermochemical processing and utilization of biomass and other organic polymeric wastes to produce liquid organic products and fine coal.

Processing Tetra Pak in Russia, Germany, USA is a profitable activity that will pay for itself within three years using the fast pyrolysis plant FPP02. Also, this model of technology has the advantage of being able to process raw materials of any quality. The equipment works on the principle of a patented technology, thanks to which the processing of Tetra Pak occurs as quickly as possible and the total amount of processed raw materials can reach 10 tons per day.

Переработка тетрапака - оборудование

The plant can also be used for processing waste and raw materials from other industries, including petrochemical, energy production, timber processing and the agro-industrial complex. If necessary, you can use the installation for other types of raw materials without changing the settings and operating parameters.

Processing Tetra Pak in Germany, USA

We are ready to offer processing equipment at an acceptable cost and guarantee high quality of equipment, as well as timely delivery and, if necessary, installation of the plant at the customer’s premises. Tetra Pak package processing is currently in demand and can bring not only additional income, but also become an independent profitable business. If you are interested in processing Tetra Pak in Germany, USA, please contact our specialists to clarify the cost of fast pyrolysis plant FPP 02 and the terms and conditions of delivery.